when I grow up

I think I'll be posting more conversations I have with Sam. he's getting to the age where he's using his imagination and getting really detailed, and it's funny!

me: so what do you want to be when you grow up?
Sam: a race car driver!
me: uh oh. you like to drive fast, huh?
Sam: YEA! and then I'm gonna be a fire fighter and put out all the fires.
me: wow! then what do you want to be?
Sam: a beanstalk.
me: a beanstalk, huh? where will you be planted?
Sam: right here - he's pointing to a pillow on the floor.
me: can I eat the beans you grow?
Sam: NO!
me: are you going to be a giant one? like Jack and the Beanstalk?
Sam: yep
me: can I climb you all the way to the top?
Sam: yep
me: what will I find at the top?
Sam: Jesus
me: really?! you mean your stalk is going to take me to heaven to see Jesus?
Sam: yep. it'll be so cool!
me: definitely

a beanstalk. interesting.

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