it was a beautiful day here in Colorado ... actually today it was snowing, but 2 days ago it felt like springtime. in NorCal the motto was "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 mintues," but here it's more like"if you don't like the weather, wait until tomorrow." funny how that works.

I discovered Memorial Park. it has big playgrounds and a big pond with a sidewalk that goes all the way around. next time we go we'll be bringing our bikes and riding around it; I have yet to use the bike plus the trailer for Elliott. he's finally big enough for that kind of stuff. Sam would of course ride his own bike. wow, my boys are big.
anyway back to my point, I remembered to bring some bread so we could feed the ducks!
I'm sure these birds get fed just about daily by people, but the way they were acting you'd think they we all starving to death!

Sam of course was feeding the geese from his hand ... yep, he got bit a few times.
and let me tell you, those geese are greedy! they hiss at the others as they surrounded us, protecting and claiming whats theirs. so I tend to go out of my way NOT to feed them. sorry goosey, you're mean!
it's nice to be getting out and about in town. it won't feel like home until I know what's around. it's a bit harder to do in the winter, but I'm trying. Colorado has been voted the healthiest place in the country, so come springtime, I know there will be lots and lots of great places to explore outdoors!


Anonymous said...

ducks are cool, geese are evil!

what steve thought after reading sam continued feeding the geese even after being bitten: "ahh, he's just like his father." (:

mrskgrimm said...

funny you should say that. Matt has a story about a goose from his childhood. I think he may still be a bit traumatized from it! :)