coming this fall

good news -
we found THE perfect school for Sam. it's christian based, and it's part time classroom, part time at home. I was never totally sure if I could do homeschool; committing to every single day. I was going to try it, but I wasn't totally comfortable with it. someone my hubby works with refered us to this school, and now that we have found this place I feel much more confident about the homeschooling side of it.

it's the best of both worlds - Sam will get the social interaction he needs with other kids and his teacher 2 days per week, and I will be doing our thing the other 3 days per week. awesome, right? I'm excited about it. he will start this fall, so it's still a ways away. we are registering him now because it's basically a private school, and once they're full, they're full. we're meeting with the administrator next week to get it all set up. whoo hoo!
so in the meantime I'm trying to put together a preschool cirriculum, something we can do until fall rolls around. if you're in the same boat, check out this blog. this will give you just about everything you need - this and a trip to Michael's craft store, and you'll be totally set!
I always thought my kids would go to preschool. maybe it's because I did. it never happend because we never had the money, and because we moved around too much to get Sam settled in any one school. but I'm not too worried about it. Sam is ready now and he really wants to learn. it's true what they say - kids are like sponges!

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The Cougar team said...

Glad you found a good school for Sam. I could never homeschool unless it was my ONLY option. I love my kids, but man they need a break from me and I from them....