I love Target

they have great selections on everything.
the clothes and accessories are cute; stuff you'd actually wear. it's not just for children and teenagers, I swear.
good prices.
my Target is a Super Target (jealous?) so it's one-stop shopping.
I can bribe Sam to go with me by taking him to the toy section to play. other than that, he's learned that shopping with mama is pretty boring.

but the real reason I wanted to post a blurb about Target is their current sale. no, not a sale, a clearance!
I don't know if a new version of everything is coming out, or they over-stocked everything for Christmas and are clearing out. but who cares?! every department has those lovely orange stickers, and you can get some great deals!
I stocked up on clothes for Sam. I try to buy clothes ahead of time, so this time bought 5t everything. I got 8 or so shirts for him for $2 each, one was even a sweatshirt hoodie.
Elliott got a couple things too, but for the most part this kid will have all hand-me-downs. is that how it works for kid #2? no new clothes? poor guy. but I don't keep the stained, ripped, or the ones I'm sooooo sick of looking at because Sam like to wear it everyday.
anyway, go check out Target!

I should buy stocks or something; I spend all my money there.

by the way, for you bargain shoppers, their Christmas stuff is totally gone. seems to soon doesn't it?

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Carrie from SpringsBargains.com said...

Target's clearance is about the only way my kids get new clothes! I usually have hand-me-downs or garage sale finds, but if I can find a new shirt for a dollar at Target it's going to make it home with me! :)

My 3 yo knows Target as the place with the best cookies.