ok Morgan, me too. :)

my top 10 to be thankful for ...

1. my God. He understands me when I don't understand myself, loves me with more love than I can imagine, He is ALWAYS there for me, and He changes me into a better me constantly. I'm also thankful that He's not just for me, He's for you too!

2. my family. my hubby for teaching daily that change isn't a bad thing; God always uses it for good. my kids for showing me what is really important in life. my dad for always being the optimistic one. my mom for teaching me to stand up for what's right. my sister for teaching me to think about being in another persons' shoes. my in-laws for being consistent, positive, and leading spiritually by example. and my 3 sisters-in-law who show me how fun it is to be a kid.

3. my "job." I love the fact that I can stay home with my kids and not miss any of their milestones. I know this isn't even an option for some, so I see it as a real blessing. it's not even my choice alone; I love that fact that my hubby would rather have me home than working. he knows the importance of building solid foundation, and we both believe it starts at home.

4. our home. we've moved way too many times! I am thankful for finding this house and our awesome landlord. we have plans for both the inside and outside, but it already feels like home for us. it's such a good fit for our needs.

5. Sam's new school. he doesn't begin school until this fall, but finding something that I can 100% stand behind is a burden off my back. Sam is my oldest, so I've never done this kind of searching before ... and I didn't even find it, we were referred there by someone else! school is a big part of a child's life, so it is important to me that we have the right fit. 2 days classroom, 3 days homeschool, all christian based. love it!

6. food in the fridge.

7. clothes on our backs.

8. the bills are paid and no more wondering if today is the day something will get shut off.

9. friends that keep in touch.

10. thrift stores!! I find too many good deals to not love it and be thankful I'm saving money!

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Morgan said...

Yay, I'm glad you did this. Great list, Katie! Change is good...I'm learning that. Slowly, but surely. I should have written about my inlaws, they read my blog. Next time!

I can't remember if I've commented on this before, but I've definitely thought it, that school sounds PERFECT! I wish they had something like that in Chico. I love the idea of homeschool, but Judah is such a little social bug that it's a hard decision. At CORE they can take 3 classes a week (3 hours total), which is ok, but not as good as that school. I'd love to hear more about me!

Also, you are totally inspiring me to go to thrift stores. I just have to get some time to myself. I went last week to get my 80s night costume and I found 2 dress shirts- Gap and Quiksilver- for Judah for $1.99 each. I was pretty excited about that!