save your money

we all need to save money, especially now during these crazy economic times. I use a few websites for freebies all the time, and have gotten some good stuff.
the problem is if you're looking for something specific, you most likely will not find it. you have to take stuff when it becomes available, not necessarily when you want to have it. bascially it's like shopping at a thrift store, but online.
there is one for every major city. once you find the listings for your area, check the FREE catergory daily. many people will try yard sales or even the classifieds to sell their stuff, but often times everything doesn't sell before having to move, so into the FREE catergory it goes! if you're on the other end and need to get rid of stuff, use this site. seems like everyone is a fan of craigslist!
again, there is one for every major city. start at, click groups, then search for your city + freecycle. this site you need to check often because things go very quickly here. again if you need to get rid of stuff, list it here.
this site lets you in on good sales, gives you coupons, and has a FREEBIES catergory listed on the right side.

check your local thrift stores
I live in an area that has many thrift stores, along with military families that come and go frequently. sometimes there just isn't time for a yard sale, so it gets donated. for me that means good stuff is available almost every visit

again I say, you never know what you'll find!
and if you know of any freebies, please pass them my way!

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Robyn said...

I bought 4 pairs of jeans at Goodwill last week for $30! Thanks for the tips, I'm going to go check out the cheapcheapcheap site now.