practice homeschool

since Sam won't be attending until fall, I've decided to wing it and [try to] do some schooling at home. it's not too structured and I don't really have a plan worked out for the week. I just try to get online, check a few websites, and have it ready for the next day.

my goal is to have 3 days a week dedicated to school work. not all day of course, but my guess is about 4 hours/day. of course I have to figure out how to deal with Elliott while this is going on, fit in time to make and eat lunch, and whatever else that's going on. any supermoms out there that can give me advice?

we had a letter A day! one easy project I made up (but I'm sure it's been done before somewhere) is to cut out a big letter A from construction paper, then take old magazines and find any/all pictures that begin with the letter A, cut them out and glue them on. we learn what A sounds like, we get practice using scissors and pay attention to the details - like don't cut the head off of the animal you're cutting out - and it's something mellow we can sit, talk, and do together. fun and easy.
eventually I'd like to hang his alphabet around the "classroom" here at home. I read somewhere that's it important to display your child's art at home in a place that he can see it, knowing that he did something original and creative; something he can be proud of ... and show off to everyone that comes over!

Sam also practiced writing his A's, big and small. I got these practice sheets from a book in the $1 bins at Target. (again, yay Target!)

we're also working on a book; All About Me. page 1 is a self portrait. so I got out a mirror and we analyzed all his facial features. we talked about shapes, big and small, colors, etc. Sam did this picture totally on his own. looks like him, right?! here is the link to check it out for yourself.

it amazes me how often this kid blows my mind. he catches on fast. he's only 4!

hubby and I often wonder when his first memory will be. most adults don't/can't seem to remember anything before 3 or 4 years old. will he remember his first big boy bike he got for his 4th birthday? will he remember all these crafts with mama? will he remember when Elliott came home? will remember the stitches he got? eventually he'll remember just about everything, but I wonder what that first memory will be. I pray it's a happy one!

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