bugs and butterflies

huge cockroaches. fascinatingly gross.
is that a word - fascinatingly?

Sam got to hold Rosie, the tarantula. I would only get this close to take the picture. Sam of course, has no fear. you can see him smiling; he said the hairy legs tickled his arm.
doesn't that just give you the heebie-geebies?!

a few hiding butterflies.
do you know butterflies only live about 2-4 weeks?!
I had no idea.

a pretty blue.

the Grimm kids ... minus 1.

in the butterfly room, they had lots of rotting fruit around.
they seem to like bananas.

2 of the kids with their gifts from the souvenir shop. Victoria got some cool Elton John type butterfly glasses and Sam picked out a huge sucker ... with a cricket inside. you can kind of see it here. they also had suckers with scorpions inside or for you chocolate lovers, you could get chocolate covered ants. yum yum!
on the way home Sam ate his sucker. he ate the head, I think to gross out his aunties, and then he didn't want anymore. guess it doesn't quite taste like chicken!
if you're ever in Denver, the Butterfly Pavilion is worth checking out.
good times!

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