dance dance dance

here is another major score I found at the goodwill the other day. Veggie Tales Dance Dance Dance. it's just like Dance Revolution, only it's Veggie Tales.

I think every arcade-type place has that game. I've seen some people that are REALLY good at it. it's fun to watch them go!

this has got easy, medium, hard, and expert. Sam's getting it; definitely needs practice. it's fun. he even made me try. I can do medium and I'm so-so on hard. I'm your typical white girl ... basically, I can't dance for anything!

it had the original price tag on it of $49.99. like I would ever pay that! I got it for $3.99, and it's in brand new condition. I wonder why whoever had it didn't try to put it on ebay or craigslist; it's so easy to do. their trash, my treasure!

I'm telling ya, go check out your local thrift stores. you never know what you will find!

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