tuesday ramblings

its Tuesday morning coffee time ... but all that really means is that this post is totally random things on my mind while having my almost perfect coffee.
its only almost perfect because I'm out of my vanilla creamer, which is my fav!!  on the plus side, it IS 100% Kona made in my french press ... 2 out of 3 is not bad.

the latest news around here - the (little) boys and I are heading to Cali.  SoCal first to stay with my parents for awhile, probably through April, then off to NorCal to stay with my in-laws for another month or so.  its make it our break it time here in Hawaii.  there has been no paycheck for 8 months and it may be time to get out.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing ... of course there is more drama to this, but I'll leave it at this. 
*any Cali friends reading this, we'll be in touch *

some good news - when in Cali, I'll be taking an ASP training seminar.  I will be an Accredited Staging Professional.  This fits me.  finally, I think I really found something that fits me.  to that I say HALLELUJAH!!  if you're curious about home staging, just ask.  I'm sure I'll post more on this in the future.

possible good news ... for me - we've met someone here to re-do my tattoo, but we've been missing each other for months.  now that I have plane tickets outta here, we're meeting on Friday to see if it can be done before we leave.  the tattoo I have, I think I got it the day I turned 18 ... or close to that.  I like it, but I've outgrown it somehow.  
years ago I looked into laser to get it removed.  I was told that green is THE MOST DIFFICULT color to remove.  well, that figures.  my tattoo is a green vine with flowers ... all the way around my thigh.  so its on the big side and the very noticeable side.
I want another type of green vine, with flowers, but with just 1 or 2 colors along with the green.  I have a larger flower on the outside of my leg - think about how you cross your legs when sitting - I want the larger flower to be out there still, but with a butterfly or something that will have my kids' initials &/or birthdays hidden in there.
I'm REALLY hoping I can get it done before April 6th!!

happy no matter what
as I type, my boys are watching The Sandlot.  love it.  very similar to Stand By Me; love that one too.  at the ending I always get choked up as the narartor tells you where all the boys ended up in life.  some make it big, others don't.  but then there is that last scene where they rewind time again to the boys as kids, reminding you what they went through to get to where they're going. 
I WISH I had a picture of all my girls from back in the day.  we spent EVERY SINGLE DAY together during the summer.  it was a blast!  we even all signed up for tennis lessons together one year ... and then we all had a crush on our tall, dark, & handsome instructor.  hahaha!  I love those girls, and I would definitely not be who I am today without them .... just like these movies.  I wish we could all hang out together again, if for just one night.

enough randomness for this morning ... have a great day!

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