be thankful ...

 ... if you have a dishwasher.  I loathe doing the dishes.  (loathe is a step up than hate, right?  up meaning worse ... so a step down maybe?) its an every day thing.  sometimes its twice/day.  I have to wear gloves so my hands do not drown from drought later ... because they get so dry & chapped by being soaked in water ... which seems to be an oxymoron, doesn't it?  and its one more thing I can't multi-task at; I can't run the dishwasher and go on to do something else.  anyway, my point, I loathe doing the dishes.

... if have a washer & dryer in your home.  again, I can no longer multi-task this chore; at least not as well.  if I can mange to get ALL the clothes to the wash house (the community laundry room), and if all 6 of the washers are empty (occasionally they are),  then I'm super mom.  but neither of those happen very often ... because its not everyday I drink 5 cups of coffee.

... that your home is sealed more than mine.  this is Hawaii and I have bugs.  when you see one, there are millions, right?  seen Joe's apartment?  I have never seen gazillions, I think I would die on the spot if I did, but I've seen a few here and there when I turn on the light.  similar to cats, they get in the smallest of places ... but just because I'm slightly amazed by that trick does not mean I approve of their stay!  gross.

... if you live without construction right outside your window.  its literally right outside my window.  we do not have a/c here.  usually the ocean breeze is enough ... but not with the door closed.  some most days its so loud you can't think straight.  it raises our stress levels, our homeschool sessions are difficult, and now that's its been 3 weeks, its just not fun anymore.

... if you are healthy.  this cold/flu/nastiness has hit our house.  Sam was first, then hubby, then Elliott, and I've been last.  I didn't get it nearly as bad as everyone else (which is good for more than selfish reasons) because whether mom is sick or not, its her that takes care of everyone else.  wait, who takes care of mom?  oh yeah, mom.

yea, its one of those days.  weeks.  months?
those are my vents for this morning.

now I guess I ought to see the glass 1/2 full ... maybe tomorrow.

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