its been too long ...

... since all 4 of us were healthy.

Sam got it first.  more than a minor cold, but not the flu.  put him out (aka. he sat in front of the tv) for 4 days.  that means napping on and off all day, movies, and video games.

hubs got it next.  his turned into a major sinus infection that kept him in bed for 4 days straight.

Eli got it next.  he got a fever and a lingering cough.  sleeping at night was rough since his coughing would wake him up, despite the meds we gave him.  which left me a bit sleep-deprived - flashbacks of those newborn days.  Eli has been sick for a week, with that lingering cough.

I really really really thought I was going to get skipped on this one.  I was feeling invincible for these last 2 weeks.  however, it is impossible for me to not love on my kids when they're sick.  that whole nurturing thing takes over like nothing else; it helps them, but it helps me too.

sore throat hit me for a few days.  then comes the congestion.  don't know about you, but I cannot sleep while breathing through my mouth.  if my nose is not working, I'm up all night.  if I fall asleep, I usually wake up gagging from the desert in my mouth.  its awful.  this has been my last 4 days.
I've been coughing for a couple of days, and now I've lost my voice.  my abs - wherever they are in my belly - are sore from doing so much of it ... but its nice to know I have abs at all I suppose.  
and now its been a week.  ugh.

this is me ... only I pour my own coffee. even when mom is sick, she's still mom.
no executive assistant.  no maid.  no days off.

the tv has been on for the majority of our days lately because of all this sickness.  no one has the energy, patience, or even a desire to do anything else.  and now, even though the kids are well, I am not ... and so the tv marathon is not quite over.  what do you do when everyone is sick?  or when mama is sick?

we're watching -
kid movies - our favorites are Finding Nemo and Kung Fu Panda
reality tv - we all love Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, and Bizzare Foods ... courtesy of Netflix
documentaries - any and all the nature documentaries ... we use our instant streaming Netflix A LOT!

and just to add ... it always amazes me how much snot the human body makes.  not just how much it makes, but how much comes out of you.  right now, I can't seem to have enough kleenex.

and with that lovely thought ... happy tuesday!

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