fingerprint friday

I love how ferns unroll like this to grow
details such as this, reminds me of what goes into creating something

whether its
the garnish on your dinner plate for better presentation
a painters way of signing their work
the way music is composed
or for me, the way a room is designed

or for our Creator
the specifics that make up each of us, let alone the plants and animals too

its in the details.
be aware of the details surrounding you
they are important to everyday miracles

what reminds you of our Creator in your everyday life?


artsyclay said...

Beautiful ferns! You're so right. The finishing touches of things God has created or things we make or arrange do make a big difference.

I've learned to notice and appreciate tiny details more than I used to, since participating in Fingerprint Friday. I used to miss so much and now I look carefully all week at the sky, raindrops on the trees, tiny bugs, etc. when I'm out walking, thinking what would be a good photo for Fingerprint Friday? And savoring the splendid details along the way.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


Laura said...

Love this post, Katie. Beautiful!