Avon Review: Silicone Glove

time for another Avon product review!!
since it is still winter for almost everyone but me (I went swimming yesterday, at the beach!) I know dry skin is still at the top of your list of beauty issues.

today I want to talk about Avon's Silicon Glove.  this is not a lotion so much as it is a cream, so calling it a glove is actually a very good description.

it is thick and it will take you a minute or two to massage it into your skin, so this isn't a quick get-it-and-go type.  I would recommend for *most* people use it when sitting down to watch tv or a movie; another good time is to massage in a coat right before bed; or any other opportunity you may have where you don't have to touch too many things.  I wouldn't call it greasy - I know some lotions are just that - but since its thick, your skin cannot absorb it all right away.

it does have a scent to it ... and I can't even begin to explain what it smells like ... but I say that to mean, its a nice smell.  not too strong, but strong enough.  it doesn't trigger any association with anything gross smelling.

my skin is always dry, even out here in Hawaii.  my skin has also always been very sponge-like.  it soaks it up fast, so even though this one is thick and creamy, for me, in 10 min its not so glove-like anymore but still moisturized ... if that makes sense.

the Silicon Glove is intended for your hands (they're calling it a glove after all) but it works well on your feet too.  if you wear socks to bed, try lathering this on and then put on your socks.  get those feet ready for spring and all those open-toed shoes!

Avon does carry a whole line just for your feet - Footworks - love this line.  so many scents available!  be sure to check it out.  it is always going on sale (like NOW!) ... again, just in time for spring!!

the Silicone Glove is a part of the Avon Basics line; Avon's generic brand, if you will.  just like Target's brand is the generic of their store.  more often than not, its THE EXACT SAME as the name brand stuff.  occasionally, you will find generic to be better than, right??   so with your next purchase, try Avon Basics for your moisturizing needs.

if you are looking for a travel size to carry with you (perfect for your purse!) often in the brochure you can find Silicon Glove in the decorative bottles.  see picture below.  these go on sale often; 99cents and sometimes under!

knowing that this is NOT a lotion, but a cream, I give it a thumbs up.
I have 2 requirements in for a good moisturizer -
1. I prefer unscented everything, but if there is a scent, I have to like it of course, and it cannot be overpowering at all, which this is not.
2. it has to work!

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if you've tried it, leave me a comment and tell me why you love it or hate it.

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