25 forever

I recently had a birthday.  I'm 33 ... easy to type, not so easy to say out loud.
I was talking with my mama about aging, and I was explaining to her how I still feel like I'm 25.  of course there have been changes; maturity still happens in these years (just in case you're not aware!) but overall, my body is keeping up, my mind still feels sharp, I still have my perfect vision, I haven't had a new cavity in years, I am more or less back to the same size I was before babies (more on the more side rather than the less) ... and then she told me "you know what?  I still feel 25 too."

she's said this before, but this time it stuck.  a light bulb went off.

I met a woman just the other day.  she must've been in her 60's.  she lives just a few doors down from us and I met her through Sam.  *I am always meeting other adults through my kids - they are constantly breaking the ice with people.  they are not the shy type! *  she has an 7 year old chid with her that she homeschools.  I say "so you have full custody of him?"  she said "yes, he's our adopted son."  I was a tad shocked.  I thought maybe it was her grandson, but families do come together in a variety of ways, more now than ever.  we got to talking about curriculum and she had many concerns and questions.  both of us are in it for the first time this year, but she was really looking to me for advice.

I sat down and talked to her as an equal.  its like we were both 25, having the same concerns with our children and finding confidence in each other.  I spoke to her respectfully (I do believe in the whole respect your elders thing) but it was a very peer-like conversation.

I guess it just another example for me to see that people are people.  I tend to get hung up on how different God made us all, I think because I married a man that is so opposite from me, but really, we are very similar.  if we could all be 25, it might be easier to talk to each other, no?

my mom has become a much better friend and mentor to me ever since I had kids ... and I was 26 when that happened.  go figure ...

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