lost and found

seconds after I put the kids to bed (830ish) I get in my jammies too.  I never ever ever go out or have anyone over, so why be dressed right?  I get into my bed and watch a movie, do some work, and/or maybe write a blog.
last night at about midnight I heard a kid crying outside.  being a mom, I'm sensitive to that sound.  anyone's child, not just mine.  it sounded as if someone had to come home late and the parent(s) had to do the car-to-bed transfer with their kid, and this one wasn't going smoothly.  I hear this from time to time, since there are a lot of families around here.  you could hear how exhausted he was in his cry ... its a mommy gift I tell you.
I was waiting for an adult voice to "shhhh" him, or say something comforting.  but nothing, it was just a cry.  it got me out of bed to check and see what was going on.

I see this kid running down the street, crying, calling for dad.  he was running aimlessly in the parking lot, clearly not knowing where he was.  OMG!
so I run out to find him.  luckily I did; he ran clear across our parking area to another in the complex.  he was cold, confused, practically hyperventilating, and very scared.  I finally caught up to him and calmed him as best I could.  after just a few seconds of holding my hand, he calmed down and I was able to ask him what happened.  I'm so glad he was old enough to talk!
there was a car double parked in the lot, and luckily he knew that was the car he was just inside.  I think what happened is that his dad left him asleep in the car, but the boy woke up scared not knowing where he was or where his dad was.  I started knocking on doors near where he was parked, and thankfully, we found dad.
dad wasn't too upset, and didn't really seemed surprised.  maybe this IS the same cry I here from time to time late at night.  that makes me sad.  I'm relieved we found dad, and if there is a next time, I'll know where to find him.

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Laura said...

Oh my, that is a crazy story. It would be hard not to get p.o'ed if the parents thought it was no big deal. Poor little guy. I'm so glad you found him.