YOU Capture - Youth

ok so here's a no brainer - my kids are a constant reminder of how young I am not.  I am no longer able to live carefree ... not like a child can ... because I'm always the one saying "no, don't touch that" or "what do you say?" or "did you remember to flush?"  as a mom, you are always [trying] to make sure your little ones get in the habit of dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

but also, without them, I'd forget all about silly time, extra hugs & kisses, funny jokes, and rapsberries on bellies.  good times.

remember doing this as a kid?  this is my Elliott, realizing I was far away taking pictures ... doing something, anything apart from him.  you see, I'm still his absolute favorite person in the world.  he's running to give me a hug, because its been 5 whole minutes.  I love his love.
the 2 in the back are my eldest son Samuel, and his friend Porter.  boys doing what boys do.

after Elliott reached me, he found this guy on the shore ... its dead, but still a great little biology lesson.  he's not afraid in the least, and THAT is what I love about kids the most.  no fear.  so willing to touch and learn.  no hesitation and all faith.
this part of youth needs to continue to be rubbed off on me ... every single day please!

join us, its fun!

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Joanne said...

Fun at the beach!! Great captures. Elliot is adorable.