it's laundry day!

I regret purchasing a white winter jacket living here. anywhere else it would probably be ok, but we're in the woods and I guess I didn't think I'd be getting so down and dirty with the kids. oh well. I have a Columbia jacket; I think technically it's a ski jacket. I do love it. keeps me toasty.

so I thought I'd try and wash it (brilliant, right?) but the tag is in 5 different languages and there are no washing instructions ... well there are instructions but they are in pictures. I guess they didn't want 5 more tags to explain it in all those languages. understandable.
pictographs, right? like the Egyptians?

anyway, I thought I'd post the pictures. I love google ... not only can you look anything and everything up, you can look it all up in pictures!
here's what I found -

I don't know much about laundry. wash whites on warm, darks on cool, spray stain remover if it has a stain ... that's about the extent of my laundry wisdom! it works, my clothes come out just fine ... of course it helps to have a neptune washer and dryer that is just AWESOME!

anyway, study the chart above to REALLY know what you're doing. happy laundry day!

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