the power of prayer

I rarely get sick, but usually when I do it gets nasty. it hit me last night; massive headache, chills, and a very sore throat. I thought the flu was coming in full force. and the icing on the cake was Aunt Flo came to visit ... tmi? sorry.

anyway I went to bed early, before the kids' bedtime. Samuel is so sweet and compassionate; I think I can see his spirit developing some days.
he came in to tuck me in and he wanted to pray for me, just the way I pray for him when I put him to bed every night.

"dear God, bless my mom. get her healthy and strong. I pray her cough stops. in Jesus name, Amen."

extra cute because I wasn't coughing at all :)

today I'm congested with a minor headache, so better.
the extra rest was good, but prayer from my son was priceless.
God hears every single one. thank you son.

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