Wii Fit

I got the Wii Fit for Christmas this last year and I must say, I love it. I asked for it before I even tried it; I somehow knew it would be awesome. Nintendo did an great job on the Wii! All the games are really fun, and I'm not even much of a gamer ... not compared to the boys in my house anyway.

The Wii Fit can be played like other games, for fun, but also used for daily exercise routines. It will give you a series of body tests, weigh you, measure you're BMI, and chart your progress along the way. When I started, my Wii Fit Age was 42! embarrassing!! Now it's down to 24; much better!

The majority of the "games" are based on your balance and how you shift your weight from left to right. When you become aware of your shifting, your posture should improve.

It's great for being here in the mountains during the winter time. We have some nice days, and instead of tons and tons of snow, it's just down right too cold to go outside. This Wii Fit is keeping us from going in permanent hibernation mode, which is definitely a good thing!

It keeps track of your best times/scores, and since all of us are doing it, it's now a competition who can get 1st place. Since there is just one base, only one person can go at a time. not having the pressure of competing side by side is what makes it fun, in my opinion. Even Elliott tries to do it, too cute!

I wish you could come over and try it ... I want to have a Wii Fit party!
Just wanted to post and say I fully endorse this product, 2 thumbs waaaay up!!

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