Saturday randomness

- I do not like hazelnut creamer
- I 90% sure I'd love it in Hawaii ... we have't officially decided yet
- I wish I could have as much fun with a cardboard box as Elliott does
- I was up for the sunrise today. doing it because you want to is much different than doing it because your crying baby needs to eat and you're sleep deprived already ... boy, those days were tough for me
- I love how the Holy Spirit works
- someone made a comment that was meant to insult me the other day, but it honestly is a compliment. how often does that happen?!
- blue really is my favorite color; what's yours?
- it's great to have friends, even if it is just a few. and it's also great to have people in your life to where whenever you talked last, it's like it was yesterday, and you pick up right where you left off. I experienced both just yesterday.
- I am happy to say that I'm doing great at letting tomorrow worry about itself; worry has always been a struggle for me. not entirely sure what happened ... see #6
- it always feels good to de-junk, you never really need 1/2 the stuff you have
- yay, it's Saturday and we're having a bbq


Morgan said...

If you do move to hawaii I'm coming to visit!

mrskgrimm said...

please do!!

AmandaT said...

I can't believe you don't like hazelnut creamer, I looooove it!

I hope #6 is not about me. I never mean to hurt you, just trying to make sense of it all.

I'm happy when you de-junk, too! I'm still in a collecting phase, I guess.

Have a great Saturday BBQ!