recoginizing God

first let me say, I just don't believe in coincidence or luck anymore. there are things that are, or work out to be, just too perfect. I cannot give credit to chance any longer. there is a plan people ... and I'm pretty positive that God is behind it!

* we found a family to sublet our house after 36 hours of posting it on craigslist. not only did they fill out the application and send it in, they were approved and paid 6 months in advance. they also bought a lot of our stuff - our king size bed with the linens, our 3 piece leather sofa set, metal shelving for the garage, a set of barstools, and currently debating on purchasing our washer & dryer. that much less we have to move!

* everything is for sale, and I've been posting the good stuff also on craigslist, and it's selling! normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but we live in Divide, which is a small blink-and-you-miss-it type place and people are driving an hour, sometimes more, to come buy our stuff. now that is just not typical.

* having enough money to move anywhere and put at least a down payment on a piece of land. probably 1-3 acres, but that's all we need for what we want to do.

* after swallowing steak bones, and who knows how many, our dog is alive and well.

* although my family is not thrilled at our moving decision, I know that God will bring peace to them about it, eventually. it's been stressful. I sort of feel like I was put in a corner with their unwillingness about it all, but it's good that I am having to explain how and why we live the way we do, with our focus on God and what He has for us. it may have drawn a line in the sand, but I know what side I'm on, God's. and that feels good.

* I have today

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