St Patty's Day

I don't exactly "celebrate" St Patty's Day. I do remember eating corned beef and cabbage at home as a kid, then getting older is all about green beer, and now, it's just another day. funny how that works.

I never knew the origin or cared for that matter, but yesterday a facebook friend posted a little history about St. Patrick that I never knew, and now being a christian, I can appreciate St Patty's Day a little bit more ... but not really. Just knowing that tons of people are drinking to celebrate this guy is kinda funny ... of course they don't know what he did, but still.

why is green beer so good? the answer: it's not! how stupid is it to put some dye in alcohol and create another reason to drink?! Just because it's a Friday and/or Saturday night was always enough of a reason, but then, this night is EXTRA special because it's green?! stupid ... it's all I can say.

She said: St. Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders when he was 16 years old and was forced to be a slave. God told him in a dream to flee from Captivity to the coast and board a ship back to Britain. He studied to be a priest. Then went back to irland and shared the Gospel 'til he died March17th, 461A.D. He used the shamrock to help explain the trinity. Isn't that cool?

very cool indeed. here's more, if you're interested.

so my question - how do you explain a trinity with a 4-leaf clover? I'll have to ask ... but if you find it first, let me know.

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