I was reading Parenting magazine today and realized, I no longer like to read it.

But what I noticed is that the whole magazine is geared towards mommies with babies, obviously, but the majority of what I read was fear based. It seems to target first time mommies who are paranoid about everything. In my opinion, it would make it worse than relieve worry. Yes it answers questions, but only after bringing up every what-if scenario, every possible diagnosis, along on how to buy super trendy & totally not needed baby items.

Here's one example for you -
a cardboard box selling for $50. check it out here. it is cute and I see where they're going with it, but really, it's a box. you can get a box anywhere. in fact here's a tip, go to your local appliance store and ask for a box. those boxes are huge! make your own.

a couple good things though ... if you shop these stores.
The Children's Place, 15% off, online code: PARENTINGA9
Gymboree, 20% off, online code: 1101TTKNBV82491
Diapers.com, $10 off, online code: PTGMAR2010

also, it was good to see an Avon fragrance featured as a new smell for mommy. They featured Ungaro Fever, check it out here. and I have to mention, a portion of any order from my online store will be donated to Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer. or if you'd like to donate directly, do so here.

where do you get your parenting advice?

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AmandaT said...

Fear = grocery cart covers! :)