I have realized my 2 biggest pet peeves has to do with water -

1. I HATE stepping in a something wet while wearing my socks. it completely ruins the softness, dryness, and coziness of my socks. I immediately feel chills; it makes me instantly cold and I have to go find a new pair of socks.

2. I HATE getting out of the shower to find the only towel within arms reach is already damp from whoever showered before me. the first part of me I dry off is my face, and sticking my face in someone elses' dampness totally grosses me out. I am forced to run out dripping to wherever the dry towels are.

or are these more OCD?

I also have some kind of skin condition on my hands/fingers that with too much water, I will peel. too little water ( like at 9,000 feet) I will crack. I constantly use lotion to maintain it best I can, but there is no magical lotion for me that works. ya know how every woman has a part of their bodies they would change? well, mine is definitely my hands.

my birthday is in February and I am an Aquarius, which is the water bearer. I don't really know what that means and/or if is actually has anything to do with this, but I still thought it's sort of a strange coincidence.

now I don't totally believe in astrology, my horoscope is 9 times out of 10 wrong. it's a bunch of fluff to me. I believe God created us all different, but some of us are similar in some areas and then very different in others. to me, people's personalities should not and can not possibly be grouped together just because you were born in the same month. I am also amazed at how some people really do hang on every word of their horoscope, but I digress ...

I do love the water, the ocean in particular. growing up in the mid west, then moving out to CA to find this big beautiful ocean, was pretty awesome and I just can't get enough now. as I stand there looking at it, I can't help think of the days of creation and just how amazing God is. I stand there feel so small ... in a good, humbling way. it strikes my wonder and curiosity. I think about all the life within the water, and I think about all the death - wars, Titanic, pirates, murder, suicide - is that a bit twisted? cycle a life, I guess. overall, a BIG plus on the pro list of moving to Hawaii!

I like the sound rivers make. I love rainy days - I remember going outside after the rain to find worms to play with; it has a distinct smell. I love to keep a pitcher of water with orange slices in it. I love hot tubs. and I have some healthy fears of it too - drowning would not be so good, and I'm also amazed at it's sheer power. tsunamis, floods, waterfalls - think Niagara Falls ; the force that comes with it is scary ... and it make me think of Jesus calming the waves while everyone else was freakin' out, because only God could/can stop a force like that.

what do you think of water? how does it effect you?
strange question? yea, sort of.

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