off the mountain

on the move, yet again. this time, I'm ok with it.

I like this picture. it's kinda like us as we move our home to wherever we can carry it, only this time, we're selling everything and don't have even a shack full of stuff anymore.

it's kind of liberating. kind of scary too.

we are officially out of our mountain home. it sure is a beautiful place with a BEAUTIFUL view, but I will appreciate this mountain life more from the pictures on my calendar. it's nice, but not for us.

for now we are staying with friends, having Sam continue another month at school, as we have a garage sale every weekend to sell the remainder of our stuff. come May 1st, give or take a few days, we're going to Hawaii!!

for me/us, Hawaii is one of those things we'd always wonder "what if" if we didn't go. it's an adventure, and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else other than my family. if I were still single, I'd probably still be struggling in CA to pay my bills, because honestly, I wouldn't know any different.
Hawaii will either be the best decision we've ever made, or the very worst one. either way, we will grow and change because of it.

sadly we will be losing the newest member of our family, Sarge. there is a loooooong story that goes along with that, so to make it short and sweet, he will be returning to his previous family.
our situation is changing somewhat unexpectedly to where it will be difficult to keep him, and "coincidentally," their situation has drastically changed unexpectedly and having Sarge back would help them; they have missed him terribly. Sam is happy to have the dog go back to his first family, knowing that they need him back. it could not have worked out better for everyone!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, you have a date and everything! How exciting! I cannot wait to hear about all the adventures you are going to have. :)

AmandaT said...

Glad to hear that Sarge is back with his family again. Louis and Renee have added yet another dog to their zoo. They claim to be fostering it, but I think we know that this is a cover and they will keep him. Oh, did I mention that while they were visting their inlaws in NM, they picked up a chicken as well? I told them that they'll probably need a zoo license soon. I think their HOA only allows 4 pets total...they have 8 at the moment, including the bird and chicken.