my Samuel

Samuel is an amazing boy. his 5 short years on this Earth have transformed my life completely. it's awesome having him in my life.

he is officially a kid now. since school has began this last fall, he's constantly having new concepts and ideas, having his own thoughts and awareness, as he's becoming more independent of me. more bittersweetness.

I have read more than once, that more or less, kids form their adult personalities by the time they're 8 years old, like their sense of humor, emotional reactions, creativity, etc. have you heard that?

anyway, at 5 he is awesome. he's definitely a funny guy; we like watching AFV, he tells jokes, and just has that 5 year old silliness!

he always talks about his "light" shining - going to a christian school, it's great having that much more emphasis of God in every aspect of life, and not just from me, but other adults we know, love, and trust to be in his life. their latest lesson at school is about loving each other and all the different ways you can have your light shine. he'll do something sweet for Elliott and say to me, "mom, my light was shining!" adorable, right?!

he's smart; it's amazing how much he really is like a sponge! he can read, write, count past 100, knows ABC's in Spanish; it's truly awesome to witness - a new mind expanding.

he is insistent on prayer; I love how aware he is of what it is and when to do it. as parents, we tend to always want better for our kids than whatever it was we had or didn't have, and I often think about how he has a Godly foundation now and not when he's in his later 20's, like me. although I'm thankful for being where I'm at, I wonder how different it could've been for me if my parents were believers too.

he likes himself and is happy with everything - he's definitely a glass 1/2 full person, most kids probably are though. no fear, no responsibilities, that child-like faith ... ah, to be a kid again.

and of course, we have our bad days too, but hey, he's 5 right?!

here's a couple interesting things from just today -
this afternoon: I caught Sam coloring "his goods" today. he was a bit shocked I found him doing that and I could tell sort of embarassed, so I tried not to make a huge deal out of it. after all, he was using washable markers. hahaha! but he's colored his hands, arms, and legs before ... so should his penis really be different? not sure about that one.

tonight: we have a friend over, and he brought his almost 3 year old son too. when I told Sam we were having a slumber party tonight, he says "a slumber party means you put up balloons and take your shirt off!" hahahaha! I knew what he meant about balloons, because it's kinda like a party, but the taking your shirt off part, not sure where that one came from!

kids are so funny!

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AmandaT said...

You've seen Family Guy, right? Stewie's "Sexy parties" are the first thing I thought of when you mentioned that Sam thought a slumber party involved taking your shirt off. Too funny!