26 days to what?!

so it's officially official

my OB is ok with moving my c-section date back a few days more to May 28th so we can get into the hospital I wanted.  it's 2 weeks early of my due date, but I feel totally at peace about it.  Sam was naturally 2 weeks early, and from what I understand, you typically have babies the same way or close to it.  after today's appointment, I now feel a bit more settled; knowing his birth date and that I can get my tubes tied at the same time.

I was playing with the camera the other day.  here's the most recent picture of me and baby ... which by the way I think we're going with Elliot James, and we'll probably call him Eli.  if you saw this belly from the front, you'd see I have no sort of belly button left.  it's kinda funny how much it stretched to flatten out completely and it's no longer an "inn-ie" at all!  here, I'm 35 weeks along.

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Morgan said...

So exciting that you'll be meeting little Eli so soon! And, I can't believe your belly button is just now flat. Mine was sticking out at about 6 months. You look adorable!