the real disturbed people

Sam and I went to Disneyland yesterday.  I was feeling energized for some reason and I've been wanting to go do something with Sam before brother gets here, so off we went.  I'll post some pictures of our day a bit later ...

but I saw something disturbing and I need to get it off my mind.  as you know, Disneyland attracts thousands everyday so it's a great place to people watch ... if you're into that.  with a toddler I can't just sit and stare, but I do try to be aware of others around me anyway.  so we're in 1 of the million gift shops there playing with some toys and I see this kid, probably 10ish, and his t-shirt says "I have autism.  what's your excuse?"  my jaw dropped and I read it again to be sure.  now I know that there are many smart-ass t-shirts out there, it's pretty "trendy" now, but some of them are just straight up crossing the line!!

was he really autistic?  and his parents actually bought him that to wear and advertise his condition?  how mean would that be?!  nice parenting!!  you can hear my sarcasm, right?  or was he another smart-ass kid who thinks he's funny?  he looked like a "normal" kid, but who can tell who has what these days anyway.  I don't know, it just really struck a cord with me.  I was totally disgusted.

who ought I'd be upset with -
the kid?  no he doesn't know better, whether he is autistic or not.  his parents?  they bought that awful t-shirt and allowed him to wear it at all, but apparently they're totally ignorant.  t-shirt manufacturer for making it at all?  well no because they're just in it for the money anyway, like all businesses.

it's the principle people!  doesn't anyone have any respect?

I don't even know anyone autistic or handicap in any way.  my whole life, I've always been sensitive to it though.  jokes about retarded or handicap people thoroughly pisses me off, so know that and just don't do it - ask my hubby, he knows.

why do people take so much of life for granted?  is it those people that don't know God and haven't gotten that revelation?  simple things like that could totally wound a person's spirit ... and yet who would know it?  who would even ask?  who cares?  the world is such a disgusting place sometimes ... a lot of times ... most of the time.

in regard to one of my last posts - instead of watching the disgust of the world on the news, I get it in little doses like this.

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