just wondering

*is it bad I don't watch the news because the world is too depressing?  I feel like I have enough going on in my own little world (my home) that keeps me involved emotionally & mentally, I don't have the time, energy, or desire to know about the local robberies, the tragic child kidnappings, or the latest details of a rape case.  of course I have a heart for any and all victims, but I realize it puts more fear into me than anything.  becoming wrapped up in my own little world is literally putting blinders on to the rest.  is that how you have a close family?  by staying focused and involved?  not worrying about what other people are doing and saying?  it's taken me a long time to not care about the judgements of other people (sad, I know).  I think it took me facing the fears of becoming a parent to not care how other people did that same job.  mothering can be tough and you need to rely on yourself (along with God) to do it right - that 6th sense that mother's have is a real thing.

*I am not involved with politics either, is that bad?  it never interested me.  there seems to be way too much backstabbing going on with he said/she said (highschool type stuff), too many people get paid-off to be persuaded one way or another, and everyone has an opinion.  or rather, knows something you don't, automatically making it even more of a fact not opinion (to them!).  maybe I just don't like to debate; you have to be aggressive ... and that I get enough of at home from a certain somebody.  there is never one person I can totally agree with anyway.  I'm convinced God is in control and I'm at a point where I believe praying is the best thing we all could do, for our country as a whole or otherwise.  it's not a cop-out, I sincerely believe that to be true.

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