what's in a name?

Sam and I are driving home from the library today and baby starts really moving around and going crazy in my belly.
Me - "Eli, what are you doing in there?"
Sam - "my name isn't Eli!"
Me - "I know that!  I think that is going to be your brother's name."
Sam - "no way, his name is going to be Jackson"

this is an ongoing debate around my house.  hubby and Sam have wanted to name this boy Jackson from the start, and neither of them will give it up!  hubby is "giving" me the reigns on naming this boy, and it's a very difficult decision.  names are forever, usually.

I do like the name Jackson, but I just can't have a Samuel and a Jackson ... ya know, like the actor?  we are big movie buffs so we can recite many of his lines from some of his movies, mostly Pulp Fiction and Die Hard.  it may be silly, I know he's just a guy, but I can't seem to kill that association.  although a friend pointed out to me that Sam Elliot is an actor too ... but he's got a much different reputation and style of acting than Samuel Jackson so it doesn't bother me so much.  is that strange?  for those that may not know him, he's the big-mustache guy in Tombstone, the narrator & cowboy at the bar in The Big Lebowski. there are many other movies, I just can't think of any more right now.

the only "requirement" hubby has (and I tend to agree with him) is to have a name that can have a nickname or a shortened version available.  for Jackson, you could call him Jack or as Sam says, Jacks.  I love the name Eli, but am not a fan of Elijah at all.  the other name that the million/billion baby name book gives is Elliot, which I like but of course hubby doesn't.  I also like Julian and Marshall, but neither of those names have a shortened version ... but I'm sure we could make one up.  we call Sam monkey all the time; he's always been such a climber and of course he's just silly!  oh yeah, he loves bananas too.

Meaning is important to me too.
Samuel: asked of God
Eli: uplifted
Marshall: caretaker of the horses - we know/have nothing to do with horses, so this one is probably out of the running.
Julian: youthful

and then there is the middle name ...

maybe I'll just have to wait to see his precious face before I decide.
1 month to go, whoo-hoo!!

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Laura said...

I still like Elliot a lot. And i like Jackson, too. But, I understand about the whole Samuel L. Jackson thing...although I don't think anyone else would notice. I can't believe you only have a month left, did you ever find out about where you'll be giving birth?