the final phase

... it's called nesting, and I got it bad.  I've begun a cleaning/organizing spree that just isn't stopping.  it's partly because I'd like everything to be perfect for when baby Elliot comes home, but the other part is just because I KNOW nothing will get touched for ... who knows how long!

a couple things I discovered today cleaning my bathroom, maybe you can relate -

1. why are dust bunnies so difficult to catch?!
I was sweeping my bathroom for what seemed like an hour.  I can't bend over very easily anymore and so I'm trying to get them all together with the broom - near to impossible because they "run" everywhere!  which by the way, bending over is one of those things you don't know what you've got until it's gone; be thankful you have a waist and can bend!  I think I began to take this sweeping thing personally, it was very frustrating at the time.  stupid, I know.

2. why haven't women/wives protested years ago to make the men sit down and pee?  it AMAZES me all the little spots of pee I find on the walls surrounding the toilet.  it's gross!!  more than gross!!  all that pee is splattered everywhere.  if men sat down like us women, all the splattering would be in the toilet where it's suppose to be.  "the goods" are not THAT huge that they really need to stand up; it's total laziness.  it is apparently too much effort to pull down your pants every potty visit ... but could men do anything like a women, even for just 1 day?  probably not.  men are from mars and women are from venus, right?

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