Thankful Thursday

I've been following Candra @ Curious Georgi for awhile now, and am finally inspired enough to make a thankful list.  I've been getting HUGE baskets of lemons from life lately ... however ... in the back of my mind I know there are always things to be thankful for no matter what is happening.

and coincidentally, I read this today - "What if you received today all the things you thanked God for yesterday?"
hmmm, what DID I thank God for yesterday?  not nearly enough I'm sure.  sorry God.

  1. I am thankful for my {mostly} unbiased in-laws.
  2. Thank you God that our needs are met - food, water, clothes, a bed, etc.
  3. Doors are randomly opening.  I feel like they NEED to, but it definitely has not been in my timing.  God seems to know when they need to.  nothing like the last minute sometimes, eh?
  4. My healthy family.
  5. A car that runs.  that was handed over to me without any payment.  that I don't have to pay insurance for (yet).  that gets good gas mileage.  and has a CD player & moon roof to boot.
  6. I have not had to cook dinner in over a month.
  7. A friend is watching my kids, and not some daycare ... no offense daycares.  This not just any friend, she someone who already has a few kids of her own + pets + she just moved and lives among boxes everywhere + not charging me = a real blessing for me.
  8. Freebies on craigslist!
  9. Supportive friends.
  10. Not sure what this day holds, but I'm going to thank you for it anyway!!
I have NEVER had to impose on so many people at the same time.  its awkward yet humbling.  It amazes me who/what/where/when/why God has the timing down to the most minute detail, interweaving lives to come together and help each other.

To me, there is no luck, no irony.  God is just THAT GOOD.
What are you thankful for today?  Join us HERE.


Melissa said...

Nice list :) He is good!

Corri Beth said...

Sounds like some good things to be thankful for!

Candra Georgi said...

i apologize for taking so long to read this---it's been a few busy weeks for me and i've neglected my replies.

so, here i am, better late than never.

your list was beautiful. rallying around each other when we are in need is real tangible friendship.

thankful for you.