funny boy

I start the kids' bedtime routine early most nights, like 7-730pm.
They share a room together (most nights a bed too), so I do this to get them to calm down a bit, and then I can hang out with them, read, play I Spy or 20 Questions for awhile.

tonight we're laying there and I ask them "if you could be any animal, what would you be?"
Sam goes through a bunch of different ones, and then

"I want to be a black momma"
"a snake of course"
"Sam, there is no snake called a black momma"
as if I misunderstood, he says -
"no, not A black mama the person, but THE black momma the snake"
"you're crazy.  there is no black momma snake"
"yes mom.  I wanna be a black momma!"

too funny.
so after I put them in bed and went to google just to find out what he's thinking about
fyi - its a black mamba :)

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