almost pointless

so I got my invite to Pinterest and have been poking around the last couple of days ... its a great way to look at the creative ideas of others all in one spot!

but is that the point?  I'm not sure.

for me, being into design, I love it.  I have gotten some great ideas from here that I'd like to actually do one day.  people are so darn clever!

my favorite so far is a small dresser with 5 drawers, and each drawer is painted a different color.  ok, so that's not so new ... BUT ... what they did do was use 5 colors from the same paint-chip card, so its more of a gradual fade.  you could use any hue for this technique and it would totally work.
I couldn't post the pic (operator error, I'm sure!) but here is the LINK.  cute cute cute!

it seems you either have to be a design fan of some kind or a major crafter, otherwise, you'd probably hate this site.  while looking around I got to thinking about the point of it all, and really, its almost pointless.

but only almost. 

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