sour lemons

It is no coincidence that stressed is desserts backwards.

today I was dragging along.
partly because of the rain ... I mean it was pouring today.
its June!  c'mon Mother Nature.
not funny.

I have kids, so I can't just hibernate and excuse myself from the rest of the world.
they are the reason to keep going.
every single day.
with watching eyes, I am encouraged to set goals and follow through with them.
as tough as it may be is.

my heart is officially broken.
I can't seem to find all the pieces.

all this will be a memory one day.
a story to tell.
a testimony for someone to get encouraged by.

its a season where my skin gets thicker.
I become more aware of myself, my kids, my whole world.

its bittersweet
right now its more on bitter.

I'm so sick of lemons ... but this might help.

and now
my kids are in bed
I'm about to have a bowl of ice cream.

the end.

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Vodka Mom said...

Katie!!!!! Email me!! You are the winner of the Dick's card!!

woo hoo