Blog #3?!

Yes, I'm going to do ANOTHER blog.  3 blogs.  am I crazy?  I have a hard enough time with just this one, but here are my thoughts on this ...

  • its the new me.  I can will do it.
  • I can refer my Avon clients to my Avon blog.  This should will get me more online business.
  • I can refer my Home Staging/Redesign clients to my Design blog.  This also should will get me more business.
In my opinion, word of mouth is still the best advertisement out there, but I have to say, online availability is a very close second.  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, on and on ... dare I say, "everybody's doing it!"
Understandably not everyone wants to read my personal ramblings, but if you do, wonderful.  I have some doosies for you coming up, but please join my other blogs so you can see what else I'm about.

In order of their "birth" ...
blog #1 My Learning Curve - where you are, in my day to day
blog #2 Your Avon Lady - Anything and Everything to do with Avon ... 5 posts already people!
blog #3 Renew the View - the beginning to my Home Staging/Redesign business ... just birthed this evening, but will begin asap!

Be excited, because I am excited.  whoo hoo!

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