when people are selling their stuff (say on craigslist) do they list it as vintage or antique? people don't know what they're talking about. they need to just list it as old and ugly. really, is anything from the 60's antique? I am the only one who has seen the Antique Road Show?! c'mon people.

for facebook users, why do you poke? I do it, but don't know why.

why do toddlers want to be held all the time, only to be put down again?
and around and around we go.

why can't we all be blessed with perfect skin?

when Sam spills his drink at the restaurant, why does it only spill on me and make me look like I peed my pants?! seriously.

why can't the kitchen be clean for more than 30 minutes at a time? I feel like some days, I live in the kitchen alone.

why is God so good?

why do I have to be soooo ticklish, but hate to be tickled?

why did my camera have to break? I have to buy disposables :(

why do I bother putting a top sheet on the bed? it always ends up under the comforter, kicked down to the bottom. every. single. morning.

why do kids touch everything they're not suppose to? how do they know? seriously, even before you tell them that first time, they know.

why do people without kids think they have a clue what's it's like? people you don't, so stop with the looks.

why can't Santa be real?

why have I been chosen to believe? Jesus, not Santa. why am I so deserving?

my random thoughts for the day ...

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