right to write?

it's amazing how genetics work.

do you know not everyone can curl their tongue? Sam and I can do it, hubby can't. we think it's hilarious, because Papa can usually do anything we can do, only better. this is the one thing Sam and I both have on him that he can't get. haha!

Matt and I are both righty's. Sam, however, is a lefty. I have 2 aunts that are lefty's, but I think Matt's mom was a lefty. Sam seems very proud to be a little different. he introduces himself to people we meet like this: "Hi. I'm Sam. This is Elliott. I just turned 5 and he just turned 1. and guess what? I'm a lefty." and people always say "oooooh & aaaaah." it's always funny. I had to repeat that to him a lot this last spring so he could remind his t-ball coach which way he had to bat. so ever since then.

I'm starting to think Elliott will be a lefty too. this morning at breakfast, he was holding his spoon in his right hand, but grabbing food, eating it with his left. I know it's still too early to know for sure. I'm sort of secretly hoping he is a lefty. that way, with all the speicalty lefty stuff we'll have to buy for Sam, we can pass them on to Elliott. like sporting equipment, mostly. mmmm, what else do lefty's need?

did you see that Simpson's episode where Ned Flanders opens a lefty store? the Leftorium. that's what we'll need. :)

is your child a lefty? what are your challenges? not that it's a disability, but you know what I mean.

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