did your mom ever put notes in your lunch at school? a kid remembers that kind of stuff.

Sam only goes to school 2 days per week, but I insist he gets a homemade lunch rather than whatever school is serving. for a few reasons -
1. I'm cheap
2. I'm paranoid about what the school serves; extra preservatives and such
3. he's got the cutest lunch bag; a dinosaur no less!
4. I can give him a note on his napkin :)

here is a link to help a kid get a lunch. lunchables is giving away lunches, with your promise of adding a special note to your childs' lunch. it's too easy. thanks to Robyn for this!


Morgan said...

I love notes in lunches! So sweet! None of my little boys take their lunches anywhere, but I put notes in Eric's. Can Sam read the notes?

mrskgrimm said...

Morgan, he's learning to read really well. I am amazed at how fast kids comprehend this stuff! I try to use the words from his vocabulary so he can read it, but he never comes home saying "thanks mom for the note!" in my imagination, he takes his note to his teacher to help him read it, and together they say awwwww. :)