Avon update

* so far, I'm happy with my decision to sell Avon. like I've said before, I'm far from a girly girl (I have my moments) so selling makeup is somewhat unfitting for me. however Avon isn't pushy with trendiness, so that's why it suits me. they want to support you as a woman, whatever your style is. I like that; I can still feel free to be me.

* I am really not a pushy sales person, I don't want to be. there maybe people that do buy from pushiness, but does anyone really like it? I'd say no. luckily Avon has such a great reputation, that is sort of sells itself.

* whatever it is I do, I can't lie about it. I can't sell Avon and tell
people it's wonderful if I really don't believe it. I was never a good liar, ever. even before I was a believer, I felt conviction eating at me. so know that I'm continuing with Avon because I really do like their products! promise. in fact, I'm blogging about my experiences with the various Avon products I buy. you can check that out on my website.

** my pitch to you blog-land ...
open 24/7!

Avon is now doing e-parties! instead of having an Avon party at your home, you have a party online. it's so easy!! similar to tupperware, pampered chef, discovery toys, or any other home party, you are the host and you forward info to my online store to everyone in your contacts list. then depending on how many sales you rack up, depends on the prize/discount you receive for hosting. Christmas is right around the corner, so it's the perfect time to host! Avon is more than just makeup, there are so many gift ideas in every brochure!! no matter where you are reading this from, you can host an e-party. you are already online, so why not try it out?!

interested? leave me a comment. thanks!

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