the BIG 1!!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Elliott!!

the days are long, but the year(s) are short
someone profound said this ... anyone know who?

such is the case with kids.  there are days I wish would end so much sooner than later, and of course there are other days where I wish I could freeze us in the moment.  this year flew by!

everyday Sam has tried to play with Elliott.  he loves to be the big brother, although I do have to fend him off most days.  I end up saying things like: "his crying is the way he says STOP IT!!" "your his big brother.  love him, don't hurt him" "just wait until he can hit you back"
hahaha!  boys are crazy!

Elliott started walking around 10 months, so now that he's 1 year,he's pretty good at it. He can say Mama & Dad, and just recently added Papa and ball to his vocabulary.  do most boys develop physically first?  this is how Sam did it too; his first word was duck.  so cute!

Since he is so physical and strong, I thought it was time to put him facing forward in the car.  He definitely likes seeing what is going on, as you can see in this picture.  He still takes 2 naps a day, so when he falls asleep in the car and the carrier is no longer an option to keep him asleep, I have to try and transfer him to the stroller.  9 out of 10 times, he wakes up and we all lose that peace from his naptime.  I can't go back now, that would be mean to him and a bit selfish of me, don'tcha think?   ... he is growing up after all.

We had a little birthday party for him.  He LOVED his birthday cake! Grandpa said "aw, let him have another piece.  you're only 1 once!"   so I happily agreed ... and then someone mentioned a puking baby and I quickly changed my mind.  luckily Elliott did not get sick ... but geez, why didn't I think of that?!

His personality is really emerging.  He is a very observant boy, mostly watching how his big brother does things.  He is also turning into a funny guy, just like my other 2 boys.  In this picture, he wanted to show me what he was eating while screaming!  the laughing kind of screaming, not the tantrum kind.

Elliott has taught me a lot about myself this last year.  We've been in a season of trials (still are) and since Elliott has required so much of me this year, I've had to learn to slow down and not get so caught up in all the "stuff."  Having a baby really, I mean REALLY, puts things into perspective.  and any good parent will know that no matter what is happening, family comes first.

hug and kiss your kids ... while they will still let you!!

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Morgan said...

Happy Birthday, Elliott! He's so dang cute! And, yes, the past year has gone by SOOO fast!