get outside

now that Colorado Springs is having nice weather (FINALLY!!) I'm so anxious to get outside and explore. I'm not so much an outdoorsy girl, as in I still can't pee without a toilet, but I feel such a connection when I'm in nature. there are just too many perfect, non man-made things to be found outdoors, that it's a constant reminder of our Creator, and I love it!

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my family and I went on a hike today. the weather was perfect, I was in great company ... but I did get a blister though. the description didn't match my imgaination and I didn't wear the right shoes. turned out to be a REAL hike, not a stroll through the woods.
for my Chico readers, I'm convinced there is a place here in CoSprings like Bidwell Park. I miss that place! it's so beautiful there! I would think if there is a place similar, it would be in Colorado. no?

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