anyone like me?

for anyone who loves to save a buck
for anyone who hates clipping coupons because you always forget to use them
for anyone who eats ... yes you!

along the lines of TJ Maxx and Ross, there are grocery stores that do that too.  they buy in bulk items discontinued, or items about to expire, or can with dents ... they buy imperfections with perfectly good food inside!

check out his link and find a store near you!

I went to one near me and saw cake mixes for 50 cents, salad dressing (full, normal sized bottles) for 60 cents, bottled water was 6 for 1 dollar, lots of spices, candy and snacky things, but I also found toys, diapers, and paper goods.

now these are stores you do not go to with a list.  you have to go and shop for the good deals.  their stock changes constantly, so you have to take it while you can get it.  it's a great way to save on your grocery bills!

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