baby E

oh my sweet Elliott. I started weaning him a couple of weeks ago, and finally, today he went down for his morning nap without crying at all.
since birth he eats then sleeps; it's magic milk! but for these last couple weeks, he's gone to bed awake with a not-as-full belly. he would fight it, and cry, and scream. I normally go in 2-3 times to hold him and calm him down, probably every 10-15 minutes, but after 3 times it's time to cry it out! I'm convinced, there is no other method. you can't let them have ALL the control. I know many would disagree with me, but I seriously think you're asking for problems going into toddler years and beyond. you'll see. :)
so no crying today means he gets it. definitely a milestone.

and since I'm not nursing so much, he's starting to eat what we eat. he eats a lot, sometimes as much as his big brother! he hasn't had most dairy yet; he's tried eggs and a bit of my cottage cheese. he's now like a puppy begging for food whenever it's out. cute ... for now. :)

my baby will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks. wow! seriously, where did the time go?! it's bittersweet.
uh oh, I just thought of something ... are 1 year olds toddlers?

I'm very happy with my boys right now. with Elliott walking, Sam is able to play with him. it's so great to hear giggling in the other room, knowing their relationship is building upon this. they play hide and seek a lot (of course Sam is the one always hiding) and they like to play on the keyboard together and dance. seriously, Elliott dances ... ok he sways. he sways to everything, it's very cute and fun to watch.

pictures to come from his birthday, stay tuned.

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