snowy Easter

in Colorado, mother nature is a little confused!  it has been snowing since I woke up this morning.  can you see the size of those snowflakes?!  they were huge!
I told Sam that the Easter Bunny, along with Santa Claus, 
shows up to help celebrate Jesus.  Santa gives us gifts in honor of Jesus' birth, just like the wise men gave gifts.  and the 
Easter Bunny hides eggs and gives gifts also to honor Jesus and the resurrection.

I do not know how a bunny and eggs got involved with Jesus.  do you?  somehow, Santa and Jesus work for me.

I don't mind playing the games that come along with holidays, just as long as they know the REAL reason too.

I sent Sam on a scavenger hunt, ending with his basket in the dryer!  I did a hunt last year too; it's a hit! all you do is cut out pictures from old magazines of things you have in your house.  for example, I found an apple, so in the fridge I put a few eggs and on one taped a picture of the next clue, which was a bookshelf.  so off to the bookshelf to find more eggs and the next clue, a picture of a toothbrush, so off to the bathroom ... you get the point.  here are the boys with all those plastic eggs.  I put jelly beans in some, pennies in some, and left others empty.  the fun is the hunt itself!

I also made a bunny cake.  last year's turned out much better (you'll just have to believe me on that one)
 but this one is recognizable ... right?  it was yummy none-the-less.

Happy Easter ... that is ... Happy Resurrection Day!!

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