reduce, reuse, recycle

I need to shower everyday, not only to be clean, but it wakes me up in the morning.  it always feels good to turn it on nice and hot, and just stand there.

you know how your thought process is so fast, you begin thinking of one thing that leads to another and another and another?  it doesn't necessarily make sense, but with your own experiences, associations, and triggers it leads you to an a-ha moment of some kind.

so I'm standing in the shower and my thoughts to go recycling and living green.  what else can I do to make a difference?  see, I believe one person can make a difference.  honestly I don't always want it to be me, but I also know my kids watch me and I believe being an example is essential.
so just standing there in the shower with all that lovely hot water at my disposal, I think of all those documentaries I've seen on families going to the river to wash their clothes, to bathe only once in awhile, to not have filtered drinking water, and not enough water to grow food.  can you imagine living like that?  think of that next time you're in the shower.

currently I'm recycling everything that I can - plastic, aluminum, tin, paper, cardboard, glass - not necessarily to make money.  have you watched shows on recycling?  I think it's pretty amazing how one thing can turn into something else entirely!  when the ground isn't so hard, I'm going to start a compost.  did you know you can just dig a hole in the ground and have it there?  how easy!  we also plan to grow some veggies this summer; again, we have to wait until the last frost.  I would like to get a clothesline in the backyard to eliminate the dryer on most days.  I only use lights if I need them.  I save any plastic grocery bags, to either recycle back at the store or reuse them for 100's of different things.  and I'm trying to get in the habit of bringing my reusable plastic Costco bag everywhere I go; they're huge and work for everything.  what do you do to live greener?

Earth Day is coming up on 4/22.  similar to Valentine's Day where you should tell your honey you love them everyday, you should liver greener daily too, not just one day in the spring.  the boys and I will be on litter patrol that day in a local park.  I'm sure there is a park clean-up in your area too, if not, then you start one!

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Robyn said...

Great job!
I just took out a bag of trash and was shocked to see that it was almost the only thing in the trash can, and tomorrow is trash day! We used to have that thing overflowing by trash day. It was the first time I actually got to see the results of our efforts to use less.
The recycling bin is also less full than it used to be, meaning we are using less overall.
I like the idea of digging a hole for compost, I did not know that!