look what I found

so looks like I'm in trouble!  no Elliott did not open the fridge himself, but his accomplice did.  I have a feeling there will be plenty more of this tag-teaming.
he didn't grab anything this time, but I'm going to move the eggs anyway!

side note - when these type of pictures are taken, do you look at the food in the fridge?  or is it just me?  I suppose now, you're looking, right?

Elliott was almost 1/2 up the stairs when Sam and I discovered him.  scary!  as you can see, the stairs continue past the wall, so I can't really put up a gate there.  there is one at the top of the stairs, but now while we're downstairs, I guess I need to start watching him a bit better!

I miss having a 1 story house - partly because I'm lazy, but also I hate having to worry about the boys falling.  we're not the most graceful bunch around here!

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Robyn said...

Yes, I always look at the food in the fridge! Easy to tell you have kids with the 300 lb ketchup bottle in the door!
I can't believe how much Elliot looks like you.
Isn't it funny how our first kids are just so mellow, and then the next one comes along and is a complete monkey? They came from the same womb!