I'm so done!

most things about having baby #2 is better ... not the baby himself, but on the parent side of things.  having experienced baby #1 has given me more confidence; I'm smarter and much relaxed about everything.  it feels good.  my boys are very similar - they look alike, both good eaters, good sleepers, early walkers (don't thing that actually means anything, wishful thinking maybe), fiesty, and overall happy kids.
all this is off subject of what I want to vent about ... I'm so done nursing this baby!!
with baby #1, we hung onto that feeding right before bed for awhile.  I think he was 15 months or so.  I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate, and I strongly believe every mom should do it if possible.  there are just sooooo many benefits!
baby #2 turns out to be a biter!  I don't know if it's because he got his teeth later than "normal" or what.  typically babies will get their first 2 at about 4 mos (right?), but he got all 4 at 9 months.  what a week that was, actually is was a few weeks ... that was not fun for anyone.

I've sternly told him no.  I've stopped nursing and set him down on the floor, I guess kind of like a time out.  I've smacked his hand - lightly, but enough to get his attention.  I've pretended to cry in front of him.  I don't know what else to do to make him stop.

a couple days ago was the last straw; he bite me so hard it made me bleed. OUCH!  does that give you shivers or what?!
he's 11 months now, and when he turns 1 year he can drink cow's milk and eat whatever.  1 month and I'm done; I've officially decided.  
today, I've started the process.  I nursed him when he woke up and right before bed, so just twice ... compared to 5x just yesterday.  he was VERY upset with me at his morning naptime, but otherwise did pretty good the rest of the day, considering.

my poor boobs!  lanolin is my newest best friend.

if you have any weaning tips, PLEASE send them my way!!

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