my people

we're all from the mid-west, but moved to sunny, southern CA about 12 years ago.  my sister and I both met our hubby's there and eventually moved away.  she went back to WI and I went ... all over the place!!

my parents never ever want to see snow again and haven't owned a real winter jacket in years, but they took a chance and came out for a visit in March.  turns out they came the only beautiful week we've had in the entire 6 months we've been here; they lucked out!

we haven't all been together in years, at least 3.  seems strange to see "your people" everyday, then go years without.

so I set up pictures ... at Target of all places!  1 more reason for me to love Target!
fyi - the downside to their portrait studio is that it took 10 days to get them back.  so if you're in no rush, go for it!  you can get a coupon on their website too.

getting this done with my side of the family means we'll be getting one done of hubby's side of the family.  now if only our parents could get along long enough, we could get one big shot together ... simply not gonna happen.  guess I'll just have to put them right next to each other on the wall.  ha!

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